The Price of the Month. Success or Failure?

Author´s Profile

Jouko Riihimäki has been in working life for nearly 14 years doing various work tasks in several industries, especially retail, service and telecommunication industries.

In one of the biggest consulting companies, Capgemini, he worked as a managing consultant. Before moving to beverage industry, he used to be in charge of developing the Finance and Employee Transformation service line among other things.

During the time with the second largest beverage company in Finland, Hartwall, he was in charge of developing sales and financial operations. There we built a new planning process for sales, production and logistics (SO&P) and we implemented systems into it. As a project manager he was in charge of the development project of sales forecasting and planning. One of his roles he acted as supervisor for the Business Controllers and Sales Controlling team.

At the moment he works as an independent consultant and his special field is development of companies’ processes, support operations, control systems and analyzing operations. He has altogether 10 years experience in management consulting in various fields of which retail trade is especially one of his strengths.

Jouko lives in Finland and received a Master of Science degree in Accounting from University of Tampere, Finland. He is a member of the Professional Pricing Society and achieved designation as a Certified Pricing Professional from the Professional Pricing Society in October 2009.

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